Why “One Thousand Shelves”

The initial thought.

I have been trying to finish writing books since I-CANNOT-EVEN-REMEMBER-WHEN. I was probably in my adolescence with that naive wish to become one of the world’s youngest published authors. I am now in my late 20’s and I am still laughing at that young and careless wish of mine.

Of course, that childish dream grew into a more realistic one. I no longer stressed much about my age but rather on my skill as a writer. I have realized how writing need not be rushed or else it becomes less meaningful, less authentic, and less effective.

“One Thousand Shelves” is chosen because like many writers, I wish for my upcoming books to find a home in many peoples’ bookshelves.

After some late night musings on the name

I always have this sudden rush of ideas on what to write next and that is why I always buy notebooks that are perfect for listing such as this.


As the ideas flowed and a page is easily consumed, I knew that this blog is heading to a place that is clear and unknown at the same time. Treating this as a visual representation of my writing progress was no longer the sole reason why this OTS is up. I want and will write about more things:

  • Things that I will do and have done
  • Things that I would definitely love to do
  • TV series and films that shook hands with the writer in me
  • Lines from songs that kept me awake at night
  • Awesome people I would meet along the way
  • Books that will forever have a place on my own bookshelves
  • Places I’d love to capture with my camera
  • Moments worth replaying through words

And so, “One Thousand” means many lovely things.

Why “1000”? Why not “1,000,000”?

I think 1000 is a perfect number. It’s big enough to symbolize the many things this blog is aimed to be about: writing a novel, finding the best cafes, traveling to memorable places, etc. On the other hand, it’s not too big. It has variety but is still focused. 

The summary

So why “One Thousand Shelves”?

This is me looking for lovely things in life’s most random moments while I’m writing novels in between. Or maybe it’s the other way around.