IMG_20170211_205409_157Kayce is a writer who’s been asking herself if she would ever finish writing her novels.

In between imagining her characters converse in a dreamy coffee shop and typing endlessly on her notebook, she always searches for lovely things. It can be a tiny pink macaron or something extraordinary like meeting other creative people in an unexpected way.

Why “One Thousand Shelves”?

Kayce is an ever-curious and interested cat. Haha!

Last year, she just started self-studying Nihongo and calligraphy. This year, she might do something crazier. She always tries to be appreciative while being hard to impress. She thinks that such characteristic makes one have a broader perspective of everything. Or maybe, it’s just her creative side kicking.

One thousand shelves symbolizes her never-ending list of THINGS TO DO, THINGS TO TRY, THINGS TO DISCOVER and so on. At the same time, it refers to all the novels she’s trying to finish writing¬†(so far, she has 7 pending books) and her wish for her upcoming books to find a home in other peoples’ bookshelves. Read more about why she named this blog “One Thousand Shelves” here.