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How I encourage myself in a monthly basis

I am the kind of person who likes to write lists. I gushed like a young girl when one of my close friends gave me a planner (my favorite one) before she left for Australia. *Hello, you-know-who-you-are!

I have lists such as things to buy, things to do, movies to watch, next articles to write, cafes and restaurants to try next, etc. It makes my life easier. I also like how it gives me guidance in a direct and orderly manner. Life becomes less overwhelming when divided into doable, realistic pieces. Recently, I made a brand new list. I have never written something like this before and it’s so effective in making me see things in a monthly way. What do I do?


I write my small and big achievements per month. I use this glittery giraffe notebook to remind me that I’m doing well, that there’s no need to get stressed for things unfinished, that I’m not wasting my time, and that I’m accomplishing things in a careful and steady manner. Also, it helps me to cope up with my frustrations. When I see that “Oh, hey! This month wasn’t so bad after all”, it helps me to treasure my time all the more, to appreciate what I was able to do, and to do even better next month.

I’ve strongly realized that no matter how thoughtfully we plan, things won’t go exactly our way all the time. It happened to me numerous times and it was honestly frustrating especially if you have planned so well. Writing down the things that I was able to do with all my strength and capability helps me see that my life has direction after all. I must keep on moving forward.

It’s so simple! Write the 12 months of the year and jot down every achievement you’ve done from the smallest to the craziest ones. It doesn’t have to be grand. It just needs to be significant and parallel to your personal goals.

I made an example below.


No matter how crazy your goals are, it’s always easier to track them down in little pieces. 

One last thought…

Wouldn’t be nice to re-read the list in December?

It will be a treat for sure! 🙂


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