10 Things I Gained After Resigning (Part 2)

It’s been almost two months since I left my previous job. In this post, I wrote the next five things I thought I gained after resigning. This also serves as a reminder to myself whenever I sway from the reason why I left a familiar and stable job.

6. Being alone


This stage in life has a gift: the chance to be alone and enjoy your own company. I mentioned on Part 1 how this stage gives you the chance to enjoy some freedom. One kind of freedom it gives is being alone. For a long period of time, different people have surrounded you and these people surely have left fragments of themselves (which may be a good thing or a bad thing). At times, the presence of people pulls us to a place that’s actually distant to who we are. Other times, they help us learn more about ourselves that we may never have realized without their effect in our lives. As we leave one place in search for better ones, it is healthy to be back to that one thing we actually and have always had: ourselves.  What have the people we met contributed to our character? Have we cut the ties we had with those who no longer need to be connected to us? Do we still treasure those who have significantly impacted our lives and made it more wonderful to live? Most importantly, who are we at this stage?

7. The chance to completely change my routine

Lots of free time = A completely different routine

If there has been something that you’ve always liked to add to (or eliminate in) your daily life, this is the best time to do it. It can be waking up earlier in the morning, exercising, or checking your email first thing after breakfast. When I had a job, it was hard to be consistent because there was a priority outside of my personal priorities. The problem was, work dominated most of the time. It was a necessity so it dictated how days were to be spent. You know what I’m talking about: that mechanical feeling of doing things all over and over again and no longer being motivated to pursue what you want because you always find yourself arriving home already drained. And when the weekend comes, you just wanna relax! At this point, there are no more reasons so go start changing your routine.

I personally thought of drastically changing mine but just after a few days of attempting to do so I gave myself a pat on the shoulder and said, “Do it slowly, girl!” 

8. Choices and being more in control according to my goals.


Routine is not the only thing that is going to change. The choices that we’d get will also be different from when we still had a job. Usually, there will be more choices to choose from because we are no longer constrained by time. Being more eager also contributes to the choices that we’d have in our hands. The key here is to first be able to stay still despite the overwhelming freedom to choose. Know what your real priorities are. It will be easy to get swayed. It’s like receiving a lot of invitation to fancy events on an important night. If you have waited for this chance to shower your goals with time and effort, have conviction and never settle for things below the bar you have already raised.

This happened to me. I told myself that I would now focus on writing my books. It was stressful seeing the years pass by with these literary ideas staying as mere quickly-jotted down ideas on notebooks I don’t even give much time to open to re-read and review. I got excited on the thought that finally I’d be able to embrace my passion, not just glance at it. However, the week after I resigned, I said, “Give me some time to relax. Don’t I deserve to rest first?” There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a good reward, actually. If one could, it would be healthy to go on a vacation trip. Anyone who has worked hard deserves to rest. The problem was, an opportunity came and it gave me the chance to contribute my talent and it presented a very promising offer in the future. I got the chance and at first, it was fun. That died down quickly when I realized that I’m starting to become busy over something that was never the reason behind my resignation. The task instantly turned into a burden. Contrary to how I first thought, I hated imagining myself doing that thing in the future. I cannot believe that I involved myself in something I did not love and was never a priority in my life. I was letting something else consume the time I should be using for writing. It was frustrating. I thought about it deeply and left. Upon waving that short “adventure” a goodbye, I arrived at this realization: it was completely dispensable! 

Don’t be lured by attractive things just because you are now more in control. This is a rather crucial time and whatever you choose will be your path in the long run. Don’t take the path that suddenly popped out. Take the path that you originally prayed for. Take the path that made you frustrated for five years because your feet weren’t walking there yet. Take the path you were usually daydreaming about when you were alone. 

9. More chances of earning (and losing) money


When you have already started, money matters would surely come along. There might be important things to invest on. There will also be financial adventures that we might take. And of course, with new opportunities come the

One thing I would like to emphasize though: Don’t be afraid of money. Money is a significant thing but it can only be as significant as we want it to be. Also, when it comes to losing money, it helps to remember that an amount lost can possibly be gained again. Rest on that hope. At the same time, your life shall not evolve around money. Live a life where money is a need but not a determining factor. Also, money should be the one chasing you (haha!) not the other way around. Be excited! By all means, give yourself every kind of motivation that you deserve.

10. Dedication

Now that this period has began and excitement has formed in the air, never ever forget to put dedication on the things that you would do.


It was quite easy being this way during the first few days and weeks after my resignation. The hard part is maintaining the fire. If we think about it, one year has 365 days. I’d admit that it’s never easy to be consistent for 365 straight days. Who can do that?! Haha! The beautiful thing is that we don’t have to treat life as if it’s an enormous responsibility. When we forget that life is a gift, we lose peace. I love the quote that goes something like, “Live day by day”. I used to be so focused on my future — too focused — to the expense of my present. My teenage adrenaline rush was high those times and I carried it until my early 20’s. I was dedicated but I was pouring it to the wrong timeline, a timeline that was not there yet. So what happened? Nothing much. Excitement is beautiful but it does not last for a long time. Dedication is beautiful but it requires consistency; they go hand in hand. Without consistency, there’s no such thing as dedication. I see them as twins: they are born on the same day and they live as two different beings but with identical qualities. Without dedication to do the very reasons why I left my job, why did I even resign from work?

It’s going to be an adventurous journey and I’m glad I’m finally walking this path.


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