10 Things I Gained After Resigning (Part 1)



For 5 straight years, I was like most people: I spent 8-9 hours a day at work. Add to that those dreadful hours on the road when all you wanted was to finally arrive home to sleep and yeah, wake up for work the next day.

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I’ve just left that kind of life last April.

Wow, Kayce, you’re surely enjoying your time. Yes. Yeah, partly. Actually, it’s not as grand as you think. Most people have this almost enchanted idea of life after resignation. No more long drives to work. No more boss. No more piled up tasks. La la la!

What I want to point out now is a more realistic side to leaving ones stable job. It’s definitely not a fairy tale. I could compare it more properly to a movie with a lot of car chasing scenes.

So, how were the first few days after resignation? What did I gain right after resigning from work?


1.Time and the temptation to waste it

glass-time-watch-businessObviously. It suddenly feels like you got your entire 24 hours back to your time bank. It’s a rewarding moment actually especially after spending 5 or more years of your life in a routine. It’s a great thing especially if there are many things you’ve been trying or wanting to do. This is also a perfect period to add a major thing in one’s life such as enrolling to school, joining communities, acquiring a new skill (baking would be lovely), etc.

2. Sleep

Probably one of the best parts. Haha! It’s always a great morning not needing to wake at the sound of the alarm. But actually, it can be just the same as before.

Since so much time is now in your hands and you’re hyped up by this new chapter of your life, there is this excitement that makes you want to do a lot of things and to work on whatever you want to pursue. With that, you find yourself sleeping late at night because YOU ARE SO PRODUCTIVE (and you have never been this in control before!).

On the other hand, give yourself some time to rest. A complete-kind of rest. This rest that I’m talking about is not bound by deadlines and rush hours.

3. Having no stability and the focus it gives

Free-focus-hd-wallpapersI’ve been looking for alternative sources of income even right before leaving my job. I was making sure that when I leave that source of stable income, I have something to fall back to. So what happened? A mess!

There was this one major source that I applied for. I was eyeing it for a year saying that once I leave my job, I’ll pursue it. I did all necessary actions. It was going well. I thought so. I was very positive about it. I sent all necessary files. I created my profile the best way I could. I created a video spending hours and days just so I get the perfect lighting and the perfect time when there is not much noise from the neighbors. I sent every required thing and went along the day feeling all marshmallows and unicorns. The email came at night. “We are sorry to inform you that your application has been declined.” I was eyeing that opportunity for one year! The email sent that one whole year sinking to the bottom of the sea! That was how it felt. I thought, “I gave up my job for this opportunity! What did just happen?”

But that’s the beautiful thing about having no stability.

Life surprises you with unexpected twist and turns, sometimes using the things that you most expected. What to do?

I didn’t sleep right away that night. I closed my email and searched the internet for 2 hours looking for similar opportunities. I found three! Bookmarked.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and researched about those three until I finally got down to ONE. To make the story short, I found a better opportunity with a better platform (that matches my personality) and great support from its team. The process was faster and easier. I got accepted!

Amazing? At first, yes. I thought, “Wow! Life would really lead you to where you should be. Just follow where the wind leads you.” La la la! A few days came along and I realized that I am actually starting all over again. With this new opportunity came the fact that I’m back to zero. I’ll be doing everything on my own now: create materials, marketing, online campaigns, etc. I was accepted just a few days ago and how I pictured it is totally not what is going on at the moment. I still have no clients. And what dawned on me is, this might take some weeks or even months. A year?!

I then found myself looking for even MORE opportunities, even ones that I was not considering before.  There were also things that I put aside before which I began to reconsider. In one day, I updated my resume, applied for three job positions, and felt restless thinking “This is crazy!”

But I slept well that night. I loved how easily I responded to situations. When a door closes, don’t stare at it. Leave immediately and find other doors! I love how this instability is keeping the fire high. I love how it got me to take action quickly because time is important and there is nothing to lose. Just try. Try until whatever is yours is finally found. I love how the instability gives one a kind of FOCUS that you never get to have when you have a 9 – 5 job to rely on.

And with that comes number 4 …



4. The chance to enjoy some freedom


This freedom that I’m talking about is the one directly after resigning. It’s when you literally have the entire day to yourself without any worries or whatever, just enjoying the fact that you have already left that 9-5 routine. This is the best time to just lay in bed and ponder on what has already gone; how it has been a blessing in your life; all the people you’ve met and how you would have never met them if not for this chapter; and what is up next. Enjoy this time. Rest. This is a gift for yourself, your hard work, your patience. A time like this is hard to have especially if you have big things to pursue next. Even just for a few days, enjoy this very moment. 


Last but not the least,


5. Sweet messages from dear people


My last day at work was quite memorable. My workmates gave presents, made a cute banner and wrote messages of good luck for “my next journey”. I also posted a “thank you/I-will-miss-you-all” post on Facebook. What happened next was surprising!

So many people sent comments and private messages all expressing their support and also saying how I will be missed. *Cries

What’s surprising is receiving messages from people whom I haven’t had any communication with for a long time especially workmates who resigned a long time ago (before I did), friends who are already living in another country, high school and college friends, etc. It was unexpected but it showed me how much I am blessed with good people. This showed me that staying for 5 years was actually a colorful time. It also proved to me how some friendships stay strong. Communication may go idle but when major moments come, they all leave their busy lives for a few minutes to cheer you on and remind you, “Hey! I’m still here and I have never really forgotten about you!”.


Every step in life must be showered with importance and appreciation. That is what I am trying to do and this post is a little bit of an effort on it. 🙂

I will be posting the next part soon.

Isn’t it sweet?

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